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Name RO-X-RSI-1-2-3-CVP2-0011
URL ftp://psa.esac.esa.int/pub/mirror/pub/mirror/INTERNATIONAL-ROSETTA-MISSION/RSI/RO-X-RSI-1-2-3-CVP2-0011-V1.0
DOI https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-r4xdocm
Abstract This is a Commissioning measurement covering the time 2004-10-09T19:19:48.000 to 2004-10-10T02:29:03.500.
Description Data Set Overview The Rosetta (RO) Radio Science (RSI) Data Archive is a time-ordered collection of raw and partially processed data collected during the Rosetta Mission to Churymov-Gerasimenko. For more information on the proposed see the RSI User Manual [RSIUSERMANUAL2004] in the DOCUMENT/RSI_DOC folder. This is a Commissioning measurement covering the time 2004-10-09T19:19:48.000 to 2004-10-10T02:29:03.500. This data set was collected during the Rosetta Mission Commissioning Phase 2 (CVP2) - on route to comet Churymov- Gerasimenko. No specific measurement was done on this day but the configuration was tested. Testing was done during the CVP1, CVP2, CR1, CR2, MARS, EAR2 phases. Several configuration and USO (Ultra-stable Oscillator) tests were carried out during these phases. Mission phase definitions can be found in CATALOG/MISSION.CAT and DOCUMENT/ESA_DOC/RO_EST_TN_3372.PDF. For more information about RSI measurements see INST.CAT or the RSI User Manual [RSIUSERMANUAL2004]. Mission Phase Definition Mission phase abbreviations are defined in CATALOG/MISSION.CAT and DOCUMENT/ESA_DOC/RO_EST_TN_3372.PDF. Data files Data files are: The tracking files from Deep Space Network (DSN) and from the Intermediate Frequency Modulation System (IFMS) used by the ESA ground station New Norcia. Level 1A to level 2 data are archived. The predicted and reconstructed Doppler and range files Geometry files. All Level 1A binary data files will have the file name extension eee = .DAT IFMS Level 1A ASCII data files will have the file name extension eee = .RAW Level 1B and 2 tabulated ASCII data files will have the file name extension eee = .TAB Binary data files will have the file name extension .DAT Data levels ---------- It should be noted that these data levels which are also used in the file names and data directories are PSA data levels whereas in the PDS label files CODMAC levels...
Instrument RSI
Temporal Coverage 2004-10-09T19:19:48Z/2004-10-10T02:29:03Z
Version V1.0
Mission Description TABLE OF CONTENTS ---------------------------------- = ROSETTA Mission Overview = ROSETTA Mission Objectives - Science Objectives = Mission Profile = Mission Phases Overview - Mission Phase Schedule - Solar Conjunctions/Oppositions - Payload Checkouts = Mission Phases Description - Launch phase (LEOP) - Commissioning phase - Cruise phase 1 - Earth swing-by 1 - Cruise phase 2 (and Deep Impact) - Mars swing-by - Cruise phase 3 - Earth swing-by 2 - Cruise phase 4 (splitted in 4-1 and 4-2) - Steins Fly-By - Earth swing-by 3 - Cruise phase 5 - Lutetia Fly-by - Rendez-Vous Manouver 1 - Cruise phase 6 - Rendez-Vous Manouver 2 - Near comet drift (NCD) phase - Approach phase - Lander delivery and relay phase - Escort phase - Near perihelion phase - Extended mission = Orbiter Experiments - ALICE - CONSERT - COSIMA - GIADA - MIDAS - MIRO - OSIRIS - ROSINA - RPC - RSI - VIRTIS - SREM = LANDER (PHILAE) - Science Objectives - Lander Experiments = Ground Segment - Rosetta Ground Segment - Rosetta Science Operations Center - Rosetta Mission Operations Center - Rosetta Lander Ground Segment - Lander Control Center - Science Operations and Navigation Center - Rosetta Scientific Data Archive = Acronyms ROSETTA Mission Overview = The ROSETTA mission is an interplanetary mission whose main objectives are the rendezvous and in-situ measurements of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, scheduled for 2014/2015. The spacecraft carries a Rosetta Lander, named Philae, to the nucleus and deploys it onto its surface. A brief description of the mission and its objectives can be found in the Rosetta Science Management Plan [RO-EST-PL-0001] and in papers [GLASSMEIERETAL2007A]. A detailed description of the mission analysis can be found in the Consolidated Report on Mission Analysis [RO-ESC-RP-5500], the ROSETTA User Manual [RO-DSS-MA-1001], and the flight Operations Plan [RO-ESC-PL-...
Date Published 2011-02-09
Publisher And Registrant European Space Agency
Credit Guidelines European Space Agency, 2011-02-09, RO-X-RSI-1-2-3-CVP2-0011, V1.0. https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-r4xdocm