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Name RO-X-HK-3-RWL
URL ftp://psa.esac.esa.int/pub/mirror/pub/mirror/INTERNATIONAL-ROSETTA-MISSION/ROSETTA_HK/RO-X-HK-3-RWL-V1.0
DOI https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-cb0zvs5
Abstract This CODMAC level 3 data set contains the key parameters of the four Reaction wheel housekeeping. In particular, it provides information on the Reaction wheel friction, measured angular momentum & wheel direction. It covers the period from launch in 2004, through the 3 Earth and 1 Mars flyby, plus the hibernation phases, plus the asteroid flybys and finally covers the Prelanding, comet escort & Extension phases of the prime target of the mission. The prime target is comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko 1 (1969 R1). This version V1.0 is the first version of this dataset.
Description Dataset Overview = This CODMAC level 3 data set contains Housekeeping Engineering data provided in ASCII table form (.TAB) or in Binary form (.DAT) that has been extracted from the Rosetta MUST system covering the full mission duration from 2004-03-02T00:58:03.145 to 2016-09-30T10:39:21.600 It contains data from the Reaction Wheel Assembly. In particular, it provides information on the Reaction wheel friction, measured angular momentum, wheel speed and wheel direction. The data is located under the DATA directory in sudirectories linked to the specific data type that it contains. The following shows the directory structure including the list of subdirectories : /RO-X-HK-3-RWL-V1.0 /DATA /RWL_FRICT_COEFF /RWL_EST_FRICT_TORQUE /RWL_MEAS_ANG_MOM /RWL_WHEEL_SPEED /RWL_WHEEL_DIRECTION File naming convention The data product file naming convention is as follows: In the /DATA/Paramdescr/FileDuration Subfolder, the Ascii files are found. The filename convention for the files located there are : ROS_HK__ or ROS_HK__. or ROS_HK__. With the file extension being .LBL (for a Label file), .TAB (for an ASCII file) The /EXTRAS folder has a similar structure as the /DATA folder. With the file extension being .LBL (for a Label file), .DAT (for a binary file) The parameter id corresponds to the ID as defined in the Mission Operations Centre Satellite DB. The list of ids are provided as an Appendix of the EAICD and in the Science User Guide. Credit Line = To be used for data display (presentations, public exposure, etc.) and figure captions (e.g., in scientific articles). ESA/Rosetta/SGS/L.ORourke/D.Heather/R.Andres Acknowledgment = Full acknowledgment (e.g., in acknowledgment section of scientific article). The authors acknowledge the work of the ESA Rosetta SGS team for providing the relate...
Instrument ROSETTA_HK
Temporal Coverage 2004-03-02T00:57:57Z/2016-09-30T10:39:21Z
Version V1.0
Mission Description TABLE OF CONTENTS ---------------------------------- = ROSETTA Mission Overview = ROSETTA Mission Objectives - Science Objectives = Mission Profile = Mission Phases Overview - Mission Phase Schedule - Solar Conjunctions/Oppositions - Payload Checkouts = Mission Phases Description - Launch phase (LEOP) - Commissioning phase - Cruise phase 1 - Earth swing-by 1 - Cruise phase 2 (and Deep Impact) - Mars swing-by - Cruise phase 3 - Earth swing-by 2 - Cruise phase 4 (splitted in 4-1 and 4-2) - Steins flyby - Earth swing-by 3 - Cruise phase 5 - Lutetia flyby - Rendez-Vous Manoeuver 1 - Cruise phase 6 - Rendez-Vous Manoeuver 2 - Near comet drift (NCD) phase - Approach phase - Lander delivery and relay phase - Escort phase - Near perihelion phase - Extended mission = Orbiter Experiments - ALICE - CONSERT - COSIMA - GIADA - MIDAS - MIRO - OSIRIS - ROSINA - RPC - RSI - VIRTIS - SREM = LANDER (PHILAE) - Science Objectives - Lander Experiments = Ground Segment - Rosetta Ground Segment - Rosetta Science Operations Center - Rosetta Mission Operations Center - Rosetta Lander Ground Segment - Lander Control Center - Science Operations and Navigation Center - Rosetta Scientific Data Archive = Acronyms ROSETTA Mission Overview = The ROSETTA mission is an interplanetary mission whose main objectives are the rendezvous and in-situ measurements of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, scheduled for 2014/2015. The spacecraft carries a Rosetta Lander, named Philae, to the nucleus and deploys it onto its surface. A brief description of the mission and its objectives can be found in [GLASSMEIERETAL2007A]. A detailed description of the mission analysis can be found in the ROSETTA User Manual [RO-DSS-MA-1001], and the flight Operations Plan [RO-ESC-PL-5000]. On its long way to the comet nucleus after a Launch by Ariane 5 P1+ in March 2004, the ROSETTA spacecraft orbited the Sun ...
Creator Contact Laurence O'Rourke
Date Published 2019-11-30
Publisher And Registrant European Space Agency
Credit Guidelines European Space Agency, 2019-11-30, RO-X-HK-3-RWL, V1.0. https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-cb0zvs5