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Name 7361
Title The Nature of Nuclear Activity in Nearby Galaxies
URL https://hst.esac.esa.int/ehst/#/pages/search;proposal=7361;TAPCLIENT=DOI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-8tng6bn
Author European Space Agency
Description This is a scientific proposal for HST mission. For specific information please visit https:\\archive.stsci.edu\proposal_search.php?id=7361&mission=hst
Publication A catalogue of nuclear stellar velocity dispersions of nearby galaxies from Hα STIS spectra to constrain supermassive black hole masses, Pagotto, Ilaria,Corsini, Enrico Maria,Sarzi, Marc, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 483, 2019-02-01 00:00:00, 2019MNRAS.483...57P||A Chemically Decoupled Nucleus and Inner Polar Ring of the SBb Galaxy NGC 4548, Sil'chenko, O. K., Astronomy Letters, 28, 2002-04-01 00:00:00, 2002AstL...28..207S||An Assessment of the Energy Budgets of Low-Ionization Nuclear Emission Regions, Eracleous, Michael,Hwang, Jason A.,Flohic, Hélène M. L. G., The Astrophysical Journal, 711, 2010-03-01 00:00:00, 2010ApJ...711..796E||An Atlas of Hubble Space Telescope STIS Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies, Spinelli, P. F.,Storchi-Bergmann, T.,Brandt, C. 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Instrument STIS/CCD
Temporal Coverage 1997-11-24T02:03:37Z/1999-04-26T13:41:23Z
Version 1.0
Mission Description Launched in 1990, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope remains the premier UV and visible light telescope in orbit. With well over 1.6 million observations from 10 different scientific instruments, the ESA Hubble Science Archive is a treasure trove of astronomical data to be exploited.
Creator Contact https://support.cosmos.esa.int/esdc/index.php?/Tickets/Submit
Date Published 2007-01-23T14:08:56Z
Publisher And Registrant European Space Agency
Credit Guidelines European Space Agency, 2007, The Nature Of Nuclear Activity In Nearby Galaxies, 1.0, European Space Agency, https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-8tng6bn