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Name OT2_ulisen01_2
Title Herschel observations of nearby mergers: understanding the process of star-formation along cosmic time


DOI https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-5xymlb8
Author European Space Agency
Description We propose to observe a small sample of nearby major mergers in three
different merging stages with Herschel PACS and SPIRE photometers.
The observations will allow us to derive the dust surface density and
from this the total gas surface density. Together with already
available tracers of the SFR
(Spitzer 24 micron and GALEX FUV) we can study the Kennicutt-Schmidt law.
High resolution data of the atomic gas content (partly
already available and partly applied for at the EVLA) allow us
furthermore to make a distinction between atomic and molecular gas.
The derivation of the total gas mass via the dust emission
involves less serious uncertainties than the use of CO as a tracer
of the molecular gas.

With these observation we aim to address the open question why
merging galaxies form stars at about a 10 times higher rate compared
to their gas mass than quiescent galaxies.
Our recent numerical models explain this by a higher turbulence which
make the step from low-density to high-density (star--forming) gas more
efficient. It makes specific prediction about the efficiency of the
conversion from atomic to molecular gas, which directly affects
the ratio between SFR and gas mass, as a function of merger stage.
The selection of our sample and the proposed observations
will allow us to test the predictions
of the simulations and provide therefore an opportunity to
improve our understanding of the physical processes
underlying star-formation and of the cosmic star formation history
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Instrument PACS_PacsPhoto_largeScan, SPIRE_SpirePhoto_large
Temporal Coverage 2013-02-21T17:57:41Z/2013-03-25T00:03:50Z
Version SPG v14.2.0
Mission Description Herschel was launched on 14 May 2009! It is the fourth 'cornerstone' mission in the ESA science programme. With a 3.5 m Cassegrain telescope it is the largest space telescope ever launched. It is performing photometry and spectroscopy in approximately the 55-671 µm range, bridging the gap between earlier infrared space missions and groundbased facilities.
Creator Contact https://support.cosmos.esa.int/h®erschel/
Date Published 2013-09-24T23:47:35Z
Publisher And Registrant European Space Agency
Credit Guidelines European Space Agency, 2013, Herschel Observations Of Nearby Mergers: Understanding The Process Of Star-Formation Along Cosmic Time, SPG v14.2.0, European Space Agency, https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-5xymlb8