A dataset provided by the European Space Agency

Name OT1_smilam_1
Title Measurements of the Atomic Carbon Isotope Ratio in Evolved Stars


DOI https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-y1bsdry
Author European Space Agency
Description We propose to use Herschel-HIFI to observe the
atomic carbon isotope ratios of evolved stars.
The sample of circumstellar envelopes to be
studied are being observed by the HIFISTARS
program, where the oxygen isotope ratios will be
measured via H2O. The proposed observations
will allow us to determine the carbon isotope
ratio in various types of stars (C-rich, O-rich,
and S-type) as well as constrain chemical
fractionation that may occur in the outer
envelopes of these objects and/or provide insight
into other nucleosythetic processes that may
alter the CNO-isotopic abundances. The data in
this program are complimentary and will employ
the results obtained from the HIFISTARS program.
Instrument HIFI_HifiPoint_dbs
Temporal Coverage 2013-03-29T16:55:04Z/2013-03-30T01:38:54Z
Version SPG v14.1.0
Mission Description Herschel was launched on 14 May 2009! It is the fourth 'cornerstone' mission in the ESA science programme. With a 3.5 m Cassegrain telescope it is the largest space telescope ever launched. It is performing photometry and spectroscopy in approximately the 55-671 µm range, bridging the gap between earlier infrared space missions and groundbased facilities.
Creator Contact https://support.cosmos.esa.int/h®erschel/
Date Published 2013-09-29T21:20:39Z
Publisher And Registrant European Space Agency
Credit Guidelines European Space Agency, 2013, Measurements Of The Atomic Carbon Isotope Ratio In Evolved Stars, SPG v14.1.0, European Space Agency, https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-y1bsdry